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Now since that baby is on I can continue...

Recently I have fallen victim to A7X and am starting to like them (I dont really see how they are THAT bad). Im like an early-intermediate guitarist and I just learned "Unholy Confessions". What should be the next 4 songs I learn, in increasing order of difficultly (Only slightly, dont make number 4 like the hardest song by them).

1. Unholy Confessions

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1. Unholy Confessions
2. Critical Acclaim
3. Betrayed
4. Sidewinder or Trashed And Scattered

Have Fun
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Well thats me set ^^
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1. Unholy confessions
2. Scream
3. Bat Country
4. Afterlife
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scream? isnt that too hard ?
1.-Unholy confessions
2.-Critical acclaim
3.-seize the day
4.-Bat country
I'm just going to make you a good long list here:

1. Unholy Confessions (Good Start)
2. Critical Acclaim (Nice, easy song)
3. Seize the Day (for the solo, practice your bends)
4. Bat Country (only the solo is a "challenge")
5. To End the Rapture (pretty short, the second half of the solo is the worst part)
6. Afterlife (really only the solo)
7. Some of Syn's Live Solos (Like the one he did in Germany)
8. M.I.A. (long solo)
9. Beast and the Harlot (Solos and Interludes)
10. Second Heartbeat (I wasn't sure with this one, the solo is insane, but haven't played it in a while)
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