I'm building a guitar but I think I'm just buying everything and just put it together, custom just I'm not going to build it just buy the body and neck form warmoth...Ok so I kinda started a check list thing to see if its better off to just buy a new guitar or do this method.


What else am I missing, I know I'm forgetting something other than the volume pot and such.
strap buttons
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Locking Nut for the FR
Input Jack (maybe......)

Well I found this list for kit guitars...
• control plate
• 2 potentiometers and knobs
• tone capacitor
• 3-position switch and tip
• output jack and plate
• connecting wire
• neck plate and 4 screws
• 2 strap buttons and screws
that all I need left so yeah, anything to add to that list?
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You need a lot of things.

Bridge (OFR in your case)
Volume Pots, Tone Pots, and knobs
Capacitator(s) for your tone pot(s)
Pickup selector and pickup selector knob
Input Jack
Neck plate
SCREWS! including neck screws, pickguard (if you're getting one) screws, etc.
*Don't forget the paint job! Unless you're painting it yourself (and unless you're good with woodworking I suggest you don't), getting your guitar painted can cost a decent bit of money*

Nut (locking in your case)
Neck finish (once again, this can get expensive too)

That should cover all of the bases.
screws paint sandpaper ect
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Finished adding everything up, its like $1060 so its not really worth building it I guess, not much custom stuff I wanted anyways just needed another guitar that was good.