So guys, my friends and I decided to paint my friend's old fake stratocaster. we took off the neck and hanged it on my guitar tripod and when I took it to put it back on the body, the nut just came off... my question is, do I glue it back or does if stays there with the strings like a violin...If I have to glue it on, what do I use as a glue ???

Hung it on maybe?

but the nut on my old lyon washburn (first guitar, fake strat pretty much) came off and when I found it I just put it on the strings and it stayed in. I never play it though, I got my les paul now, so I dunno if when you play it if the nut will come out.
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I've never had any problems with guitars that had their nut just held on by the strings, but you are supposed to glue them in. If you glue it back in don't use anything too strong, you want to be able to take it out again incase it needs to be replaced. So white elmers glue would do nicely, something like that.
+1 white glue. make sure you have it on correct way.

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White glue, you mean wood glue ???

EDIT : got it
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