Okay, so does anyone know any guitars with 2 volume knobs for each pup, and a toggle switch for that kinda morello ish scratchification, (preferably with a trem)

Oh, yeah, and I mean cheap, nothing massively expensive. If your gonna give a link, british sites only please
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Epiphone les paul , basically you can change the electric setup on any guitar you want
Ive read plenty of walk throughs of how to install a killswitch, and it wouldnt be too difficult if you know anything about electronics and wires. Im pretty sure the gear forum has a thread about it stickied (I havent been on there for a while, so i might be wrong).
Yes, a les paul will meet everything you said. Also, a friend of mine bought the Tremonti Sig PRS, and it looks beautiful, and it also meets what you said. (I wouldnt touch it for the killswitch, because I would be paranoid about damaging the paint, but thats just me.)
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