Hey guys....first things first I am looking to purchase a reasonably affordable 2x12 tube amp. I am looking to play alternative rock/pop rock. My price range goes up to 400$. I have been looking at the palamino v50 though I have heard that the dstortion on that is a little soft and more for a classic type of music. Any Suggestions?
I just bought one and it is AMAZING. The distortion works quite well, but it really depends on what guitar you're using. If you have loud pickups it'll work just fine.
Oh and AcousticLesPaul evidently was not reading the original post, because the Valve Jr. and the Little Giant are both 5-watters with 8-inch speakers and one or two knobs...probably not what you want.
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A V50 should do fine for pop rock, and with an overdrive it'll probably give you even more than that. My vote goes to the V50.
I second the V50. Good little thing.

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either the V50 or a Peavey Classic 30, although it is only a 1x12 it's still reasonably powerful.

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I was looking at the peavy classic 30...I didnt like the distortion on it though it was a little too soft for me. Whats the difference in the crate v50 and the palamino v50? ones a 112 and the other is a 212...any examples of what the v50 distortion would sound like??
IDK about the buget but a sound city 6 series might do it. Quality stuff, if your willing to put up with everyone telling you that it doesent suit your music style bacause i have one and play rock to blues and back to metal from it. Aparently it does neither.

But i would recomend it.

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