Ok I'm in a bid dilemma, here. I can't decide whether to buy the Gibson les paul vm or the PRS se custom. I like to play classic rock some blues and a little metal. Can anyone please help me?
electric guitar forum would be a better place to ask
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Right now I'm trying to trade my Epi LP Goldtop for a PRS, so I would say go for a PRS, but it's all up to you. What kind of music do you play?
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I've heard alot of shiz about gibson quality going down. its very overpriced for the quality of the guitars, unless you're going for the really high range stuff.

soo prs
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between the buried and me use prs se's actually, and their pretty metal and shred and ive also seen them used for blues/jazz/rock stuff so the PRS is probly your best bet.
PRS. So much better. Gibson has a lost a substantial amount of quality over the years.
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i was in the same dilemma, but the VM is now overpriced =s...go for the PRS but TRY FIRST!!!...there are some bad qualitys se custom =S
The LP (<1990 models) would be awsome but Gibsons new stuff is complete toilet compared to their older stuff so if your looking at buying one new get the PRS!
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