My opinion is: never listen to the review in GC and MF unless they're rating it horribly, then i check why.

But yes, that is a nice guitar. The pickups... well, i doubt they'll blow you away but some people love them and some people hate them. If you feel the need you can always replace them with some GFS pickups or something.
I bought this guitar in december and im in love with it havnt put it down!
As you said great for the price and its just a beutiful guitar personally i liked the white the best thats what i got it in.
It's very nice. Could use better pickups and stuff, but for the price you cant go wrong.
anything but i would like to have something that can play classic rock or metal and my actual guitar just cant. The pickups always sound to clean..

i would like something that sounds like jimmy page but i also need a new amp first (please suggest if you know any at a low price).
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