Can someone please help. I have been playing for about 6 months. I have an acoustic steel string Walden Natura D550 . I would have thought that I would have gradually got increasing strength through playing to play Barre chords properly. I also find myself having to push the strings down really hard. I have tried different approaches to try and see if I am doing anything wrong but I continue having this problem. After research I understand my action could be quite high so might benefit from getting it lowered help? Also I currently use Martin Light strings and was wondering if it was worth buying Extra Light Strings, would this also help or would this just change the sound of the strings slightly.

I have to push hard enough for the tips of my fingers to go white and indentations are left in them. thanks for all your posts so far. I have played other guitars where it has seemed for less effort to push the strings down. Would more expensive strings be better?

The low E-string is about 6.5 7 mm from the 12th fret and the high E is about 5.5 mm away form the 12th fret.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

From a Man with very sore finger tips.

Well, I don't have such high action,, Don't know the exact hight but it's definitely not THAT high. Lower the action, it'll help for sure. And it's best to keep with your current set of strings so that you can grow some nice dead skin on your hands^^
You will find that lighter gauge strings will help but about six months ago I thought the same about my guitar, I'm still using the same gauge and now don't have a problem.

About the callouses as well, just let it happen and don't think about it.

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Id allso like to hear from someone who knows their stuff about ''Normal'' Action(if their is such thing as Normal action).

I have on the (12th of E) the fret is 4mm height and i dunno if thats normal and on the 1st fret of E i can put a .060mm pick under with a Snug(Sp?) Fit under it.

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