Been doing some research on getting a higher gain crunch for my new SG 1966 reissue that is in the mail. I have a Peavey VK112 and TS9 to help the frontend of my amp and wanted to drive it harder with some better pups. So far i'm looking at a bill lawrence XL500 in the bridge as my main pup. My real concern is the neck. I have the EMG 81/85 in my Jackson and NEVER use the neck pup. It sounds like i'm playing in molasses and its disgusting. Can anyone suggest a good neck pup that I will actually use? I like to play heavier stuff like everyone else in the world it seems. /end cliche
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i'd wait until the guitar comes- you may like the stock pickups! and if you don't, you'll be better able to pinpoint what you want the new pickups to fix...

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