I bought this guitar last year, aiming to learn on it. However since then, I have found that such a good guitar is pointless with the poor quality guitar amp I have.

So, I have decided to sell it because I need money to put towards my first car.

It is in excellent condition with no dings or scratches. Everything is original apart from the electrics and switch, which were upgraded a while ago. Tuning keys, pick ups and everything else are original. The guitar has been on a guitar stand in my room since I bought it, used a couple of times a month (at the most) but only for practice. No gigging or anything like that.

Black body, with rosewood fretboard on a maple bolt-on neck. Jackson CVR high-output humbucking pickups, adjustable string-through-body bridge and chrome hardware.

pics: http://i42.tinypic.com/2eyz043.jpg

So make me an offer, i'll accept money or trades.
Trade-wise i'm looking for something Fender/Squier electric or maybe an Epiphone Semi-Acoustic.
I'm in London, willing to meet people around London or Essex or will deliver if necessary.
Rockin' shit