I have seen some notation in tab I can't find any explanation for and i don't know what it means or how to play it. It is a note, in this case a 3 on the high e string, followed by a sideways ) followed by the same note. I would normally interpret that as a hammer on or pull off, but with the same note I am at a loss. The tab also has picking notation and the second note is not picked. If you don't know what it looks like I can post a picture later. My internet connection is slow right now. Thanks!
You mean I just hold it for that beat? I have seen that, just not like this where it is just one beat long. That makes sense.
Yes that's all it is. It looks like a hammer on but it's just sustained for however long that note lasts.
Here is a good link for guitar notation. I don't think it shows sustained notes but it explains a lot of notation.
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How do I play the last one? 0,5,5,0 .....

Link : Metallica - Nothing else matters