I haven't wrote anything in a whiles....
so anyways...this is a piece that came to me last night while I was practicing guitar last night I was either practicing a scale or a lick. I think whichever it was.

~ -yell or raising voice(more than likely raising voice)
() -whisper
= -echo

My Fingers dance along this fretboard
To their own melody
That they could *only hear*
But I could only *feel.*
A thought comes to mind and quickly fades
I know in time, I'll find it again someday

A melody trickles in my mind and ~down the sides~
Of *my......*
It tickles my fingertips.=
I feel the tension between my fingers and the fretboard
Lingering til it slips
Out of my....
mind is going blank

I can see the words that don't fill up this page
from what I feel from all the heartbreak,anger,and rage
Would I write...
Would I write??
For my life
To save my life

and that's about it. but you know it seems kinda funny cause my sister and I were talking about writing, we both write, and I was saying that I can't write about not being inspired and that's funny cause that is what this song is about.
I have no idea what's the chorus the bridge or the verse of the song it all came out in this weird order and I do have to edit and add more and section but here it is raw. I have a light tinge of melody playing in my head and I can almost see the chords strumming so when I get off the comp I hope they're right = )
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this is a pretty sick song for something thats basically just words on paper (right now)
i like it, but you'll need to arrange it to really know how good it is

keep it up

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