Tanz, mehr fleisch bitte.
The warnings, somehow misunderstood,
were there nevertheless. A dichotomy of parallels
and -hedrons, yet no one could see,
an evilness overpowering, also hidden.
Baryons and mesons of energy, spilling
into the realness, but where were the
glaring eyes, the frowning furrows deep
in years? We let it happen, the night of crystals,
the Yedhudi they burnt whole,
scarring history with the deepest
of incisions bleeding over us all,
and we can’t see the clarity of the situation.
We were blind and forever we shall be so.
do u understand any of that?
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^ If he wrote it, it's most likely.

Blackdotted, m'dear. I haven't got to nearly enough of your stuff.
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There are so many really amazing words in here. That's first thing i noticed. blackdotted, i need to read this more times.
Quote by wheatmore
do u understand any of that?

I understand that a way of conveying horror without being all blood and guts is to swerve past all that and delve into the psyche of persons involved. People themselves are much more horrifying than any act they could ever create. If you would like me to explain what exactly is going on, then just ask.