Hey people, I was just wondering about something. Is it better to write your lyrics first or your instrument parts first? Because I've made a pretty good bit of guitar stuff, but then I'll try to start thinking of words to make it an actual song and just nothing comes to mind and especially nothing that can go along with my guitar.
depends try both ways. now i shall report this, because you didnt read the rules.
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Ive never written a song before, but is i was to, heres how i would to it:

1. make a simple chord progression
2. use scales to get some guitar melodies in thta progression
3. then add bass, then drums
4. then for vocals, i would just make the vocal melodies over it with a guitar, then write the actual words when im done

just a quick half arsed guildline, ofc you dont have to do everything like that. hope i helped

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This belongs in the techniques subforum, so reported.

But, there are plenty of similar threads there, so just have a flick through the first couple of pages.

But, the true answer is .. there is no real answer.

I'm sure the way I write a song is different to how Carmel writes, and Metallica's method is different to Slipknot's (for example).

Try out a few things for yourself, find what works for you.

Because there is no REAL way to write... anything.
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