Hi, i have an Epiphone Les Paul which i recently stripped and completely rebuilt. I replaced the brdige pickup with a Seymour Duncan JB and am going to replace the neck with a '59 when i have the cash. I have noticed though, that my standard Epiphone neck pickup sustains a lot better than my Seymour Duncan in the bridge. Why could this be? Maybe not setup properly? Also my sustain in general is crap, most notes last like 3 - 5 seconds with gain on full. How can i achieve more sustain?
how close is the bridge pup to the strings ?
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I'd say around 4mm, my neck pickup is also further away than my bridge.
New strings wouldn't hurt.
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if i've just rebuilt my guitar i'm hardly gonna have old strings am i? =P
The pickups might be a little close to the strings. Too close affects your sustain, but too far affects your sensitivity (how much vibration the magnets will actually pick up). Generally, there's a sweet spot for the height. Try to fiddle around and see where peak of the sustain is.
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maybe the epi pickups are better for that..
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Can someone list everything that affects sustain and what their optimum positions are please?
Lower your pickup height, raise your string height/action, make sure the stopbar has locked to it's posts correctly, and if you're still not getting an open string to sustain more than a few seconds, get a decent EQ and learn how to use that properly.
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The neck pickup is at a point where the string vibration wave is longer so there will be more natural vibration at this point than at the bridge, where the wave is shorter and that also explains the difference in tone as well. As said above, pickup height will also change this due to magnetic pull on the strings. Quality hardware will also make a difference ie density of the material used for the bridge and tailpiece and tuners.
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