Poll: Do you like Ozzy or ACDC better?
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View poll results: Do you like Ozzy or ACDC better?
I like Ozzy better
9 47%
I like ACDC better
10 53%
Voters: 19.

If you need to chose, who would you choose? I would always choose Ozzy over anyone becuase he rules.
ozzy with randy rhoads

they would win
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Dio was way better than Ozzy.
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How does Ozzy rule? Not the best singer around, doesn't have the most attitude or stage presence, doesn't write his own music, doesn't write his own lyrics, and he's been pretty much carried his entire career. And this is coming from a massive Black Sabbath fanboy. If it wasn't for Tony Iommi and Randy, Ozzy would be nothing. Zakk Wylde deserves credit, but Ozzy was already successful as a solo artist by that point.
Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead. Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.
deffinetly Ozzy.
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ozzy, but only because of Rhoads. blizzard of ozz is the best. if any other guitarist was there, then ACDC no doubt.
Van Halen/EVH

He is not on the poll, and beats both of them.
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ok ozzy with rhoads probably coz of the rawness and the way they work together. But since randy is gone, probs ac/dc as even know they age, they never get old.