Ive been playing for maybe 4 months now. I have music experience. So my fingers are all set. Everything i've done im happy with. Major scale, minor pent, power chords, barre chords etc, Ive pretty much got all the beginner stuff under my belt. I find my self determined to practise long hours (8-10), but then fail when I find I have nothing left to practise. I'd really like it if you guys could give me things to work on for my skill level. Im in E standard. Thanks!
Dude! You're going to burn yourself out, if you're not careful.

Okay, so you've knocked out all the beginner stuff. How tight is your playing? You've been playing for 4 months, so it's fairly certain you're not ready for a world tour just yet. Keep working on your chops and tightening up your playing. How fast can you change from barre chords to open chords? How are you on riffs and fills? How's your theory? How's your modal stuff? Do you have all the positions of the scales learned? Do you have the notes of the neck memorized? How's your arpeggio skills? Shall I keep going, or does this give you enough for another 4 months?

Oh, how's your ear training? Can you hear a song and instantly figure out the chords and pattern being used? How about lead work? Are you playing leads like the next Vai?
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Learn Natural Minor, and the Blues scales.

Practice with your ear, improvise a little. Learn all the movable shapes for every scale that you know which string you can play it on, etc.

That'll keep you busy for a bit.
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learn all of your basic major and minor chords and then learn them in different positions and voicings.
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