This is my little light-hearted cynical attempt at songwriting. I hope you enjoy it. C4C, of course.

Forward thinking downward motion
Shatter through blind devotion
Riding high, wearing thin
In a place I've never been

Angry lover, Loving hater
Give in now? Mayber later
Going places, places afar
Up again, to the bar!

Shoot my mouth off, shoot to kill
12 guage shooters fit the bill.
Clench my stomach, hug the toilet
From my gullet I'm now embroided

"Don't be late", my wallet cries
"You're a dick", my liver dies
"No it's not", my nuts contest
20 minutes late, still not dressed

Nicotine bullet, straight to the lung,
The over-the-counter, less effiecient gun.
Caffeine junkie, proudly stands tall
Thank heavens for the drug that starts it all

Downward motion from a forward though
It's only a fuck up if I'm caugh.
Burning in hell might not suck so much
If I knew religion was never my crutch.

Don't look now, it's the girl I like.
She won't look here, definitely dyke.
Ask hew out? Maybe later...
Give it a shot, maybe date her!

If I should so choose not to choose, could I ever live up to the choice I made?
Maybe I fucked up, made a big mistake,
but I doubt it really matters to the ground in which I'm laid.