hi i have been looking at several guitars and am a noob at all the different tremolo systems. can anyone tell me which one is the best tremolo system out of these in terms of tuning stability?

  • Ibanez Edge Pro
  • Floyd Rose Special
  • Ibanez Edge III
  • and whatever bridge an ESP LTD F-2E has

Since its down to the Edge Pro, can anyone Also tell me about the Ibanez RG1570. Is it a good guitar or does it have any problems with it?
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Edge Pr is the only good one out of those 3.
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i heard the edge III is downright terrible from a guy who love his prestige, never seen a floyd rose special, the esp might have a orginal or licsenced floyd rose system, and as for the edge pro i would think it goes in the same account as the edge III never used one, but i dont like any part of an ibanez guitar unless its a xiphos and then its only the body.
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Original Edge
Edge Pro
Edge Zero
Zero Resistance
Lo-Pro Edge
Original Floyd Rose
Schaller/Gotoh Floyd Rose
Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose

Cheap Licensed Floyd Rose
Edge 3
Lo-TRS (not horrible, not great)