I decided to try my hand at putting my ideas down on track. Dont have the most sophisicated equipment (Audacity; headset mic shoved infront of a Line 6 Spider III, Jackson JS30 RR).

Anyway this is so much of the song ive done, so have a gander and tell me if its any good so far

The song is in my profile.

ill crit yer stuff aswell.

PS: sorry about the change in tone+volume when the second riff cuts in, i replaced a riff that was there before it on another day

EDIT: oh yeah, its my first attempt at songwriting
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Yea kind of short. Honestly, I hate your guitar tone. I'm not a very big metal head in fact I hate metal but you know you had some cool riffs I guess. Sounds like what most metal sounds like. I guess try losing some distortion and adding in some more mids. That tone at 40 was way to bright. Why did you change it?

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the tuning is in E flat

yeah, sorry about the change in guitar tone, i originally had another riff after the first one, but it didnt work out too well, so i recorded something else. I kinda screwed up the mic placement, making it sound brighter (unintentionally), Ill probably rerecord it, and fiddle with the settings. Ill continue working on it in the next couple of days.

Well hopefully, Ill be finishing this by next weekend. Ill put it up in this thread when I do
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sorry for the double post. But Ive updated the song , (got rid of that second riff, tried addressing the EQ problems, much longer )

Again, I'm not after comments about the sound quality, theres only so much quality you can get from a 30W Spider III, and a jackson with standard pickups and a headset mic, so im after crit for the actual riffs/arrangements/skill?

As always , ill be glad to crit your stuff aswell
Nicely done..

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I like it, it's got a nice Melodic Thrash quality that I like, reminds me of Kreator/Carcass. Very well done, you should master it up and it'll sound sick.

Personally for my song, I was basically thinking along the lines of some trem picks into like acoustic parts then like BDM melodies, actually kind of like your song :P.
Your playing was pretty kickass. I have to say I wasn't wild about the massive distortion. It worked for a little while, but without bass to fill it in, it just seemed empty. Maybe try dropping some other instruments on there? Also, I agree with a previous post that the cleaner tone was too bright.

You have a sick concept though, just keep working on fine tuning your tone!

Check mine out?

hey guys, ive managed to get round to finishing off this song, although I had a really bad dose of musicians block, spent the past 2 days just kicking my ass trying to come up with something that fitted, so the final 1 and a half minutes is definately not final. I rushed the mic placement aswell, so it might sound a bit uneven.

Anyway enough excuses, and just tell me what you think. And would really really appretiate if someone were to give me a few suggestions on the structure/riffs.


EDIT: I will re-record this when i get myself a decent mic in the next few weeks!
it's cool man, would like to hear drums added, otherwise there is cool riffs in there, that phasey thing in the middle is cool too.