I have been using my HRD for about a week and no problems. Then yesterday when I turned it on I was getting the loudest hum/feedback sound you can imagine. I had to keep going back and forth to standby and back to see if the noise was gone. after about a minute or 2 the amp was fine. It did this today as well. Am I doing something wrong? Heres what I do when I power it up

- Start in standby and leave it there to warm up for about a minute or 2

- Keep all appliances off(TV, Radio,etc)

- Use a new Strat and new cables so I dont think its one of those.

I am hoping that its just a "tubes not warmed up" issue. What do you guys think? Thanks
Maybe I just need to give it a couple more minutes to warm up? Is it possible it is a speaker issue? I keep the volume very low, and maybe at 3 or 4 when practicing so I dont think its a blown speaker
The biggest problem I've ever had with my HRD is that it shook the wiring of my old house and dit not sound pleasant at all.
1 minute on standby is ample time for an amp. Try looking in back, is a tube loose? is the speaker cable loose? make sure the amps cool before you check though, and unplug it from the wall. Have you moved it recently/has it taken any big hits or falls?
It hasnt taken any hits or falls at all. I am very careful with it. I do transport it to and from practice but I am careful. Would cold weather affect it at all since its being taken outside? Theres also a foam pad wrapped around 2 of the tubes to keep them from coming loose. Am I supposed to remove that before playing?

I havel also tested it out about 7 times between yesterday and today since it made the noise and it hasnt done it. Maybe a fluke thing or do you think I should exchange it for a new one?
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take it back where it came from and ask them about it. you havent done anything wrong, maybe it was a fluke. sometimes my amp is noisier than others, so i dont really know