Hey im new to bass, but am interested in buying a peavey grind 5-string, it's neck through design and single saddles and finish seem remarkably good value for the price, just wondered if there was an downside to it?

also moving to bass from classical guitar (2 years) and electric (5 years), i am pursuing bass following a greater interest in electronic music, i also feel good finger style with the classical guitar will also help, so basically im asking:

a) that bass any good?
b) what to expect with bass and what to learn technique wise

thanks UG and sorry for retarded post
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The Grind is a damn good bass. And if anyone says you shouldn't start on a five string they're wrong. Number of strings has no bearing on a beginner, if you get me. I say you're a beginner, because although similar, you have to adapt to the bass- string spacing, string size, fret size, fingerstyle playing... it's all different. You will get used to it though. The main thing however is mentality. Bassists occupy a different role. Doesn't mean you can't step outside that role, but it's always best to get the basics down first- holding down the low end.

Just a heads up- I strongly recommend you purchase a bass amp as opposed to play a bass through one of your guitar amps.
I looked at the Grind as a 5 string option--its tone isn't quite what I was looking for, but as your first bass its a great option. I really wish I had bought a 5 er instead of my last 4 string--it offers greater tonal options and economy of motion than a four.

Now a bit of advice from a former classical guitarist. When you go to play fingerstyle, watch the plucking hand--make sure it is dead perpendicular to the strings.