so im trying to get rid of some gear, I gotta make some space in my place and i need the cash to buy a cab.

so anyways hears what im selling..


1. Boss OS2 pedal MINT condition- €20
1. Line 6 Uber Metal pedal (Perfect condition)-€40
1. Vox Bulldog Distortion pedal (only ever used once) so its pretty much brand new-€120

1. Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face (Red one) Perfect condition only used once or twice-€60
1. Marshall OD Jackhammer Mint condition-€20
1.Boss Super Overdrive (perfect condition)-€30
1. Rockcase pedal Board (never been gigged, missing one washer but can easily be bought in a hardware store) Mint Condition. Internal dimensions: 80 x 50 x 12cm. Weight: 8kg. -€50


1. Ibanez RG 350MDX Limited edition bridge Blocked (Mint Condition)- I cant remember the retail price on this so just make me an offer and il consider it
1. Epiphone les paul custom(midnight black) I changed the hardware to gold(Gold Grover Tuners and gold bridge) it has emg 81 pick ups in neck and bridge. I just got this guitar professionally set up with ernieball 9s.- same goes for this just make me an offer and il consider it

please serious buyers only.

Pm me if your interested.
I accept paypal.
I will ship internationally but just to warn you it might be more expensive so hopefully it will be local.
If you are looking to ship internationally please inform me of where abouts it will be shipped.
I recently put some of the pedals im selling up for sale on ebay. here are some links to some of the pedals that are listed


Boss SD1

Fuzz Face

Line 6 Uber metal

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not allowed ebay dude..but would like to see the epi
How much do you want for the Les Paul and would you consider trades?
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