Does anyone know of a website that sells almost all schecter models? Even this years? I was gonna get a jackson but...Cant resist a schecter.Thanks

^ Where i've gotten all my guitar stuff. Even my iPod.
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I like sweetwater the most. A few weeks after I ordered my dirty fingers. I got a call from the guy (forgot his name) asking about how it turned out. He was also very helpful in making my decision. I ordered a guitar from Musicians friend on black friday, and it was obvious that the people there didn't know about guitars. I've also called them a few times with questions and they weren't very helpful.
Sweetwater doesnt carry schecters and musiciansfriend doesnt carry the newest schecters... : / Anyone?

I use it cause there fairly local for me, and get to my house in a day.
Ok sweet merican musical had one of the guitars i wanted. Ok I am looking for 2009
Hellraiser solo-6 or Devil Custom.But i can only seem to find the devil right now...But does anyone know where i can find the solo-6? Feel like im playing wheres waldo.Thanks
Dangit...Well ill check in the morning if anyone has found the solo-6 oh while im here! Umm...I am looking at the hellraiser solo-6 btw...god its a sexy guitar right? Well if anyone finds it please let me know.Thank you fuys very much.
drumcityguitarland has lots of schecters. They've even got prototypes of guitars that weren't put into production or will shortly.
http://groups.ultimat e-guitar.com/aa08s/

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Neither sites have the friggin hellraiser solo-6....This is starting to piss me off...Gah!
Musiciansfriend lets you preorder new stuff from NAMM. I think they have the new schecters.
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