I currently have the choice to get a digitech whammy, or a fender FM halfstack
I know FM's arent the best, but I love my FM combo. I am currently in a gigging band, which should i get?
whammy. easier to gig with more pedals instead of a big amp, unless you want to start playing bigger venues.
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I wouldn't get a Whammy unless you have a good use for it, i.e. you play Tom Morello/Buckethead-ish stuff.

And even if you do, a better amp would be a better choice.
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It makes no sense to get another low-end amp before getting a high-end one. Get the pedal, it's fun to dick around with
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The Whammy is the most awesome waste of money known to man. Get it, you'll never be bored hearing the squealing.
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