im looking into a new amp, i would like one that has a good clean sound because i dont need any onboard FX really, my metal master pedal handles that, and while looking at different reviews, the raven rg60 came to my attention. all of the reviews said that it had a great clean tone, so i looked at different clips of it on youtube and it sounded really good, but i dont know, is it to good to be true for $200 or anything wrong with it. ive only ever heard of raven once or twice, never really anything about them, are they a good company? i cant find anything on them. does anyone own one of these, and if so, how is it? I play classic rock and 80's metal, but i dont need any FX for them i already have them covered. i just need an amp with a very good clean, my budget is about $200-$300 and i need something loud enough to be heard just in a small bar or so. so is this the answer to my prayers or not??? thank you, advice and suggestions welcome
Mines good. Im real happy with it. I picked it up on ebay for $125, so that also played a role in how much I like it. As far as sound, the clean channel is good, the effects are kinda weak, but it sounds like youve got that covered. One thing though, mine came with a 12" Eminence Texas Heat Speaker, I dont know if thats stock, I dont think it is, but compared to the one I played at GC, i think it helped the cleans and highs tremendously. All in all Im pretty happy with it.
i have the rg 100 and i really like it, i would imagine the 60 also has good cleans. go to your guitar center an try one out. thats prob. y you've never heard of raven that much because they only have it at guitar center.
Eh, it's alright. For the price you cant go wrong, but I think a little more $$ could get you a much better amp.