major and minor scales.
just about everything relates to the major and minor scales

E minor is more relatively easier to learn out of them all account of it uses all open strings and can start on the low e string.

if you learn E minor, just by moving the same notes up a semi-tone (one fret ) up the fret board.. you get F minor, and so on.

make sense?
learn the modal scales to
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Doo soome Ear training. It'll help you sense and hear what you want to play.
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i just have trouble getting unique sounds when playing. advice?

im working on some music theory in lessons but 1 lesson a week isnt doing it for me
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learn the modal scales to

Shhhhhhhhh. TS obviously doesn't even know the foundations of basic theory, and you're going to tell him to learn modes? The forum is filled with enough people who cluelessly throw modes around as it is. Don't turn TS into one of those people.

To TS: Learn your major and minor scales, as well as your major and minor pentatonic scales. Learn how to play them in all their positions I.E. know how to play them starting on the root, 2nd degree, 3rd degree etc. You should also read the theory links in Bangoodcharlotte's sig, as well as in Freepower's sig. Check out the Crusades articles on this site too.
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What scales should I learn o what should i do just to get all around better

There is no one scale that you should learn to make you get better.

Focus on music. Everything you need to learned is contained there. Listen, learn, play, practice, study.

Be patient. It takes time. Your best bet is to take lessons and let an experienced teacher guide you.
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