So I'm new, my favourite website just shut down and I'm moving on here. Hopefully I'm not posting in the wrong forum right off the bat. I promise to read up and get knowledgeable on the site, but right now I'm sitting down to practice for a few hours and I have a question that's been burning at me since I first picked up the guitar.

How the hell do you transition to the F barre chord quickly? Specifically, I'm usually moving to it from a D or Em and there's always a stutter as I bar the first fret. Is there a trick to getting it up as fast as any other chords?

I have big hands and bad habits, so my thumb is always resting on the top of my neck or grabbing/muting strings, so half the battle is bringing the thumb down on the neck so I can bar the fret strongly. Is this too much distance to pull of quickly?

Is there an answer other than just practice practice practice?

Also, hello everybody, I'm new here, if you have any suggestions for me to make the most out of this board, let me know. And are we allowed to swear? Goddamit we better be!

welcome, and sorry, practice, practice, practice. it's basically the only way

also, you can't say ****, ****, ****, or spell Llama without a uppercase L
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if there is a trick to doing it i don't know it, i just practiced switching chords slow at first then faster and now i can switch to it damn well
When transitioning from barre chords with a bass note and the regular E chord, I use my middle, ring, and pinky to play the open E.
There is not really easy way to transition from a D (xx0232) to and F (133211), but from E and Em, try fretting these with your pinky and ring and middle fingers. about your thumb, try fretting F like this: use ring, pinky middle and barred pointer fingers to fret this: x33411, and us your thumb to play this note (and F): 1xxxxx , so in the end you still play 133211, but it is a different shape. In other words your pointer only bars these notes xxxx11 while your thumb plays the top note. I hope this is helpful, and if you don't understand my numerical diagrams it is EADGBe. if you need help understanding this shape, just look how the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist plays barre chords. Hope this is helpfull!! ;-)
Thank you guys, you've all been helpful. I'll give each of your ideas a shot and mostly just put more practice into the transitions.

Freebird here I come. (Damn I hate that strum pattern)

EDIT: Actually, jdrk10, there's no effing way I can grab the first fret with my thumb. Every time I try (i'm bending it with the middle part of my thumb, where it bends) the first string comes unfretted.

I'll keep trying but I'm not sure if it's worth it for me.
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Unless something has changed since I have been gone, I think that Electric Guitar forum would be better for this topic.
But anyways, Just practice, just go back and forth, but dont expect to get it down in one day. It takes a while.
Meh, I've been doing this solidly for over an hour now. Just F-C-D.

I think I can see improvement. That's proof enough for me.

Thanks for the help guys, sometimes I just need someone to tell me to sit my ass down and spend the next week practicing.
i find it 10 times easier using my thumb to fret, although it depends on your hand size and type of neck
Yup! Its all practice man, so long as you practice you will always improve no matter what.

Good luck, and have fun with guitar!
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hahahaha I just found that out. I need to spend more time in the Pit.

On second thought, I'm just dandy without the Pit..
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