Hey guys.
I've always wanted a telecaster but i also play stuff like the old metallica and megadeth (thrash Metal). I've came across the emg 81 and emg 60 which both are used in metallica but my only concern is im wondering if they fit into a telecaster? If they don't or you have any better suggestions for metal pickups for a telecaster, please tell me. thx
You'd have to get a HH Tele, which are fairly common. The 72 Custom is a nice one. You might actually be able to get away with the stock single coils though, to be honest. I can get some fun thrash/hardcore punk tones and stuff from mine (you're gonna need the right amp though). The easiest way to do it would be to throw a Duncan Hotrails bridge pickup into the tele, and you'll be alright.
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Don't get a guitar with EMG's unless you have a tube amp that you can crank both preamp and power amp-wise, like Sid said, the 72' Custom is a great bucker' tele.

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