I am trying to find a decent song with both a piano and a guitar part for a friend and I to learn.

I've scoured the net and can't seem to come up with anything.

We're after a classical or folk piece, does anyone know of sites that cater for this sort of thing or can anyone suggest a song?
hmmm, Yngwie Malmsteen is NEO-classical. It has classical in it. If you two are REALLY good, try him. There are tabs for songs on this site, Trilogy Suite Op 5, Far Beyond the Sun. I know it's not the same genre, but it was the only real thing I could think of.
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Try UG (no seriously) You need to look for guitar pro or powertab music. To read these you need to download the relevant software. I use Tux Guitar available from sourceforge.net. What you get is a score for all the instruments which the computer will 'play' for you and which you can print out. Have fun.