Hey guys, I've resently come across a Paul Cochrane Tim pedal that kicks total ass! Before this one came along me and my co-guitarist have been using Boss SD-1 pedals to boost up for solos.

We both play through a Marshall JCM-800, all stock except for tubes (which are still EL-34s) and closed back 2x12 cabs loaded with Vintage-30 speakers.

We've come up with a plan to set the pedals so that he is louder than me for our guitar harmonies (in which he usually plays the dominant part) but this kinda leaves him without a really ballsy drive pedal. We try to blend the guitar harmonies in with the rest of the band so neither of the pedals are very loud.

Do you guys have any suggestions that can match up, or at least come close to the Tim?

*would help if the company who makes the pedal ships to Canada
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Get a 2nd opinion on this first, but I once heard about someone who put a DS-1 and SD-1 together for boosting. I never tried this so definitely get more input on this first.
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Oh, it would also help if the company could ship to Canada

My buddy doesn't trust Ebay anymore so its either yardsale, kijiji or store-bought... he is the one buying it afterall. I'm just trying to provide him with ideas.