Okay, There is something seriously wrong with the wiring or something, it was working before. I plug in the cable, turn on the pre-amp, and no matter or loud or quiet the volumes are, there's barely any sound, even with the amp turned all the way up. The cable is fine, it works with my other guitar. The guitar was working fine, then the cable jack got loose, so I tightened it, and now it doesn't sound right. Any suggestions?
with the simplest tests out of the way...is it both/all three pickups doing that?

the first thing to come to my mind is maybe its an active pickup, which has died. needs a battery.

then again...i see you own a walmart guitar. maaaaybe....its just ****e, and you need to replace it. the wiring on those dont last forever, dude.
check the gain on your amp, ive done this before and it turned out the gain was all the way off
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