So I have been playing for about a year now; actually playing. Up until then all I played was Stay Together For The Kids by Blink 182. (Very easy song.) So I consider actually starting to play was about January of 08'. All my musical roots come from post-punk bands so with all my influences I tend to use a lot of power chords. But it's getting old and I want to expand.

So I know how to use power chords and I use lots of chords that are like 5 on one string and 6 on the next string up; whatever kind that would be. Other than that I use chords that are sort of combined like:


But this is all I know. Well, I know some actual chords but they don't work for what I play. I am trying to find something new to use to expand my playing...

learn open and bar chords, from A to G#
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well what other kinds of music do you like? If you like any form of rock, blues or jazz I suggest learning open chords and barre chords.
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