I was putting on new strings and the Fender Deluxe has these weird tuning pegs and I can't get them to stay on. The pegs don't have the top on them, they're just a slit in the peg and the strings won't stay. If anyone has this guitar or knows how to keep them on, it would be a great help.
You cut some string off and insert it into the hole in the middle and turn the peg
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My old Jap Strat has those. The best way I found is just put your thumb on the slit once the string is there, to hold it in. Then, wind the peg. Once the string gets around it a few times, it won't go anywhere.
Worked for me. Don't know what to tell ya then. Maybe replace them with newer Fender pegs? The ones that have a hole in them...much easier to string!
There is a hole that goes straight down the center of the tuner. Cut about 4 inches off your string so you are not winding it forever.Then stick the string straight down the hole and bend it thru the slot. You should only have to hold it for the first turn.
Do a search in the ultimate guitar set up thread I am pretty sure Jenny has some pics of what to do
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fender deluxe strats have locking tuners. i have one, all i have to do is detune the old string, then loosen the knob at the back which releases the string. insert new string and retighten the knob while pulling the string tight. after that it's about half a turn on the tuning peg to get up to standard pitch.

however, my deluxe strat has the normal holes through the pegs, not slits, so i am baffled about what your guitar has. how old is it? the current specs for deluxe strats is locking tuners as i have described above.
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called vintage, or slotted.

and like said, cut to size, (couple inches past tuner) poke in the hole and hold while turning.


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i have them too, there a pain but you get used to them, i think there the original kulson type but im not sure
like everyone else said you put the string in the hole, then you bend the string down to hold it in place, and then wrap it around like a regular one.
u might want to get new ones, maybe locking or something
EDIT: and you should give it a little extra slack for when your cutting the string, because it takes up to wound sometimes to do the extra thing
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