So i really like the feel and tone of flats, and now that my C broke (6er), i have taken this as a chance to try flats on a frettED bass. Does anyone have any experience as to how good this sounds? Any bad things or reasons i should not do this?

Also, i already have my eye on the only few 6 string flat sets there are, can anyone recommend me any?
they sound just like melted cheese, too! warm, smooth, and tasty. i had flats on my fretted jazz for a while and enjoyed it, the only reason i switched was to get more of a growl. they're great for a strong, mellow sound. plus they don't lose their tone the way roundwounds do.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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it's super unneffective!
i will always play flats over rounds there just smoother and if you get rotosound there very bright
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I personally love the sound of flats on a fretted Precision bass. Its like Barry White singing love songs to the universe.
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Half-rounds FTW

Seriously, try 'em.

Do they have a sound similar to rounds? What about ground wounds?
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