Hey guys, I think I am going to need some help with this one just incase I can do it myself instead of going to the repair store and get it fixed.

This the guitar I have, ESP F-154DX if it helps

Anyway, right now whenever I play my strings it makes alot of buzzing sounds. It's not the amp since it plays my friend's guitar perfectly. The neck got fixed a while ago so I don't think it's the neck. The string broke by accident and got news one and now that I replaced them, the strings keeps making buzzing sound. I think it's got something to do with the bridge?

And also, what do they mean when they say high or low action?
high action is when the strings are far from the neck. Low is when they're close. If the new strings are a higher gauge or lower gauge than your old ones you'll have to adjust the truss rod. maybe just raise the action a little... sounds like you've never done it before so either be very very careful adjusting the truss rod or take it in for a setup. I put strings on my ibanez recently and it made the action really really high so i had to adjust the truss rod. sounds to me like your new strings are a lower gauge than your old ones.
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