i was thinking about getting a dunlop crybaby standard to get that classic wah sound and i just wanted to know if there are any good wah pedal within the price range i am not going above $120.
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Classic wah sound? You want a Vox V847 my friend.
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morley optical wahs are nice. they have ones that are spring loaded and when you take your foot off it goes all the way back and disengages the effect automatically which is an awesome feature for flowing in and out of the wah sections if you can keep yourself from going all the way back accidentally and dissengaging it in the middle of a solo. the snarling dogs wonder wah 2 is cool but its kind of a love or hate thing for most players. the wah range is huge and it wahs deep. i like to think of it as an ooh-ahh-iee pedal instead of a wah pedal. its not that great on the high end and it doesnt have much of a dramatic wah sound after you get up around the 10th fret or so but its the best in the world for funk IMO. the dunlop is kind of the gold standard though. you should also check out the adjustable wahs like the ibanez weeping demon if you want more versatility although most of the adjustable ones dont seem to me to sound as good as a standard wah operated within its own sweet spot.
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get a v847 used. great classic wah sound

this. either that or the Fasel Crybaby, those are your best bets honestly....the fasel may or may not be in your range tho...i forget it's price...it's max $130 US tho
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The Vox is good. The Crybaby is pretty mediocre, but both could use some modding to reach their potential.
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