If you are fans of mors principium est, cynic, and quo vadis, then plz take a moment to check out our band.

Our new song Patterns is more straight ahead melodeath but it flows nice into a clean interlude and solo.

For right now the song is an instrumental


anything you need us to hear about the song, send a message back
pretty sweet sounding, chords sounds a lil dry. but it might just be me. what do u guys use to record?

check out mine while ur at it
also heard its a lil dry... it was realy good though... your definately the best band ive heard on UG...keep it up
thanks man i will start a start a thread when we have lyrics recorded.........our screamer sounds like mors principium est on highs, and into eternity on lows....its a good mix
Thats awesome although i will point out that at 1:11 in Patterns. it sounds alot like a part in a Children of Bodom song (Punch me I bleed?). Apart from that, its sounds incredible

Feel free to crit my rough material in my profile...
thanks man, i find it funny how you pointed out 1:11........i see that sequence everywhere, thats were i thought of the title......