i was going through my dads old stuff in the attic to clean it out and i found this old 1960's tube testor with a bucket of working tubes. pretty neat little thing, should help me with building my tube guitar amp.

Uh, sweet!
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My dad had a couple of those, but traded them. I'd kill for another.

Protip: Tube testers (especially old ones) are known to not be totally accurate. Even new, they weren't perfect. Just FYI. If it says a tube works and it actually doesn't, the thing prolly isn't broken so don't chuck it. You could try to have it 'restored' so it'd be more accurate, but tube testers are extremely complicated and thus may cost a small fortune.

Enjoy the new find, you lucky bastard.
I found an old Stromberg and carlson Tube radio in the shed. And My mum tells me there is another one in what used to be the farmers quarters of the house.
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all i ever found was two old radios with 2 4'' speakers and 2 6" speakers, plus some little ones. Mini amp build anyone?