my first time actually, and i thought it would be real cool, not sure what the point of this thread is, but what's the real point of anything in the pit anyway, I guess what I want to know is about any weird experiences with giving blood or with blood in general, I see the "I cum blood" posts already, hah, whatever, this is awful

It's nice to know someone's contributing to a good cause.

Now if you'll excuse me:
i cum blud ololol
I thought Id freak when I gave blood my first time, but it was really easy. I didn't have any problems like freaking out or passing out or anything like that. The most I got was being a little dizzy when I first stood up.
last time i gave blood, the person before me got up too fast after giving blood and fell flat on their face, fun times
I keep meaning to give blood every time there's a bus on campus, but I always forget about it or I'm too busy. I'll find some time to do it soon though.
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i've never done it before, but i get serious head rushes sometimes, so if i ever do give blood i'll probably be one of those guys who stands up and just hits the floor
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I donate blood every time I cum...
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It's easy. Kinda weird feeling your blood leaving your vein, but you get used to it pretty quick.
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I gave blood once. I felt refreshed after. I dunno... it was all mental, but I felt cleansed or something.

I wanted to again, but school never announced the big red bus was coming so I missed them.
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I've given blood twice so far, both times I have almost passed out (while lying there giving blood). I think it's because I'm so skinny, because I drank plenty of fluids and all that. But whatever, I'll pronanly do it again soon enough, it's a small price to pay to save someone';s life.
I do it, my cumulative is 1/2 gallon right now. My dad has a little sticker on the back of his truck telling that he's a 4 gallon donor, and there's this little old lady that drives around town in her Cadillac with an "11 Gallon Donor" sticker in the back window.
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i cant stand the feeling of it, and seeing the blood coming out of my veins in my arms, ew
i dunno that just always made me cringe
I blew an audition to play at carnegie hall because i gave blood the day before >.<
i gave blood for the first time in december '08. a few minutes later, i passed out. when i woke up after a few seconds, several young ladies were crowded around above me, putting cold towels on my head, putting my feet up, and basically making worried girl noises.

it was epic.

and the morale of the story is, my school has some hot girls in the nursing class.
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I would give blood and was really thinking about doing it last year but i really feel like i'd faint if i ever looked at the blood or anything. Just thinking about it know makes me kinda dizzy haha.
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Hahaha, I'll give blood when I can. Just a shame that you don't get paid for it anymore. But sometimes you get a juice and a cookie!
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it's not a big deal at all. you're supposed to eat a good meal the day of, just to lessen any feelings of queasiness.

if you're a drinker, it's always good to drink up later that day
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