Trading AXL Fireax (Black/Death Metal Guitar) want:Strat Or Tele OFFER FAST!

Looking To Trade My AXL Bloodsport Fireax for a Strat or a Telecaster. Perfect new condition (Bought new less then a year ago) except one minor cosmetic flaw on side that faces your leg. Great playability, Double Locking Tremolo, black hardware. This is a great intermediate metal guitar, I'm just moving for more of a twangy sound. Make offers here or at my email look it up on their site or I have the main picture saved here:

Before trade we will make enough contace you could get cops to me if I screwed you over, so this is indeed a safe/real trade.
I forgot to mention the neck is slimmer then most guitars. Great for shredding and heavy upper neck play
Trade Closed. Got The Guitar I Needed In Trade For One Of My Others, Keeping this as its a great guitar. Glad I didn't have to get rid of it.