Im finally going to sell my crap line6 and trade up but idk which one to get btw ill have about 600 (US). i heard valvekings cant do metal good and vypers arent all tube. I play mostly really heavy stuff with the occasional clean stuff. btw i also saw bugeras and those look really nice to.
I use a line 6 what of it?
I personally like the vypyr way more for everything. I know it isnt tube (except the 60 and 120 watt) but it still gets great tone. and for $600, you can get the 75 watt ss model and the sanpera II foot controller. in my opinion, the vypyr is a way better deal
It has a full power tube section and 1 preamp tube. I bet they will be pretty killer when they hit the streets finally. I wonder if they have any at NAMM?

I've played both amps. It comes down to more or less how do you like your effects and do you like the idea of patches, headphone use, new presets, etc.

*not sure if you get headphones on 60 and 120 power tube version.

Valvekings are cool if you are into modding and messing with things. It will take some messing to get VK rockin tight. New speaker is one thing and that is pretty easy. Dummy jack tricks, stuff like that.