Hi guys. I installed Windows XP Home Edition on my Macbook earlier today and I was wondering how to switch back to the Mac OS since it just goes straight to XP whenever I turn it on. I also can't get the internet working in XP, if anyone has any suggestions for that.
You don't get a boot menu when you boot up?

Did you partition your hard drive for a dual boot or did you just do a clean install over Mac OS (which is kinda sounding like what you've done)
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Choose your OS.

After you’ve installed Windows using Boot Camp, you can start up your Mac using either operating system. Simply hold down the Option key when you power up and choose one or the other.
Problem solved.

Read the instructions next time, eh?
Perhaps you should get some sort of software that allows you to run both OS's simultaneously. Download a trial version of which ever program and use a key from iSerial reader to keep permanently.
get a cracked version of crossover
i recommend it to all my friends who have macs and wanna run windows programs
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