I am getting fairly quick and clean going up a scale, ie:


But going back down I run into challenges. Now I may have solved this-- it may be the angle of my pick as I typically angle it slightly up (tip of pick up toward my head, fatter top down toward the floor, though not by all that much). I habitually maintain this angle going back up, so I tried reversing the angle for back up and it seemed to help. Is this the right habit to form (reverse angle) and/or any tips/tidbits I should be conscious of that would help?

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There's no right or wrong way but I always use alternate picking when I'm playing scales. Its a good way to combine practice techniques.

Again, not saying its right or wrong just something for you to think about.
You should learn to play them ascending and descending from the beginning. I'd change your hand position too. Rather than angling up, try angling to the side. To angle up on the way up a scale and then down on the way back down seems to me like a big change in hand position, which could hinder you later on.
Stop worrying about it so much - it's only a scale pattern. Remember, exercises like that are a means to an end, not the end itself and you practice them to get better at playing the guitar, not to get better at exercises.

Chances are you just spent a lot more time playing the patttern ascending than descending so obviously you'll be better at the one you've done more of. If you want to get better at descending then do more of the same, play slowly and accurately. It might be the same pattern but you're still actually playing something different so what you've learned before won't help you much. Chances are it'll actually hinder you because you're kind of expecting to be able to play it faster than you're able. So you push past the point where you're playing controlled and what often happens is the muscle memory kicks in and your hand starts trying to play the familiar ascending pattern instead.

Same old story - slow down, be patient...but above all keep the big picture in mind, at the end of the day it's just an exercise and it's not something to get too hung up on. Also, bear in mind that straight scale runs occur very rarely in music so rather than practice them straight make some interesting, more practical exercises from the scales you know.
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Thanks I am focusing more on going reverse now. And don't worry, I don't just practice scales Been working on a lot of solos and it started becoming a problem on some of the runs. Taking it really slow now.
Takamine EG341SC
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