I'm looking for a mixer to record with and wanted to know if this one was any good. I'm on a budget so I have to get a cheap one. It alsop comes with Cubase LE so I Wouldn't need to pay $99.99 extra on top of that to record on a PC. Any feedback would be great.
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just don't forget that any channels that are recorded at the same time are going to mix down to one track.

It's a USB though and it comes with Cubase so I wouldn't think it would do that unless I'm using the line-out.
Looks decent to me, interface and mixer in one...

looks like if you know what your doing you could send 4 channels seperately to your computer, just pan the instruments hard left and right and there are your "left and right" tracks aka 2 seperate instruments and then send another 2 to the return sends..

If that doesnt make sense, what it does is it sends your computer a stereo mix (2 seperate tracks, thus why i said just pan hard left and right and make sure your recording to mono tracks) And then also the aux returns which you just dial in on the mixer.

Come back here if you have any more trouble

Go for it
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