I've been looking for a new amp for a while - one that I can jam with and possibly do small gigs with. I've been recommended a Fender Hotrod by my local guitar shop but I dont know if it has enough gain for me. --- I couldnt try one because they're of of stock until April
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One of the other amps I've been recommended is the Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401. I'm not sure which way to go but I'm leaning towards the Hotrod. I'm liking the idea of the Fender clean sound and the higher volume of the Fender over the Marshall, but I'm unconvinced. In another forum, the Hotrod was listed as a low-gain amp, while the DSL was listed as a mid-gain.

If it makes any difference, I will most likely be getting a Line 6 POD xt Live. Will the pedal conpensate for any lack of gain that the Fender might have or should I be looking at other amps?
Pedal GAS?
Empress Heavy
ISP Dec of some sort
Keeley Katana
TC Corona/Vortex/Dreamscape
The description of the two amps is a fair one but you'd probably get a lot more response from the 'Gear' forum.
from those two I would suggest the marshall. the fender lacks overdrive. maybe a vox ac30
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