Where can I learn stuff like verse1, verse2, Bridge1, solos, interludes, etc? Is there a sight that explains each one and kinda tells you when you want to use them? I was playing guitar hero in practice mode and each section of the song tells whether its a verse or bridge1, bridge2 etc. I really like this concept and I think it will help me tremendously with composing a full metal song.
even better, do you guys know if there are any videos of a song thats already got all the parts labled. SO I can get a good idea of each one?
This is stupid.
Write a song however the hell you want it.
Make it start with a solo, withs chords, with singing, with drums, with a bassline, mid-chorus whatever.
Get some kind of rythem down that a singer can sing over.
Solo if it's metal.
Outro if you want one, you can always fade out.
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Hahaha, this ^.

Learn to play guitar, learn theory, learn construction, put GH down. See you in three years then yeah?
in guitar hero i can learn a full song on-the-fly im pro
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