I just wrote this solo to a song I wrote and would like opinions on just the solo, lol.
What do you think of the phrasing, etc? What could I do better?
Critique appreciated. If you like I will also review your song.
solo test.zip
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Haha, rather odd! I didn't think it would sound good before hand, but it flowed REALLY well.

I like it, i just wonder how possible it is to play :| bars 7-8 is the best tho, just the way that flows.

I'd like to see drums etc tho =[
It doesn't really seem like a solo so much as a bunch of separate unconnected ideas.

Add to the fact that there's no rhythm from the solo guitar, the rhythm guitar is just droning chords, and there's no drum or bass, and it kind of leaves the whole thing as kind of empty. There's no real flow or direction.

I did like each of the licks you've got (although I honestly think that first one isn't actually possible to play) But you need to find a direction to take the whole thing, you need to work in some phrasing and actual rhythm to it though, both in the lead track and the rhythm tracks.
Let me give you perhaps the most constructive criticism I've given since my first crit. Haha.

Okay, first thing I noticed was the chords under it were nothing special and showed the remincsent of a very basic key. I.e. C Major. So I suggest changing the sharps down or up in the solo to make them fit into C Major ( C D E F G A B ) and add drums. Probably upbeat, the prhasing could be a bit better, like picking the notes to a swing-ish beat in the measure where it holds for a whole note.

i suggest spicing up the chords, try adding more fifths, or octaves, stuff like that. It has potential. One thing I noticed tho, that made me cringe, was the 1 3 5 7 sweep, the first four notes. I don't know anyone who can sweep that fast on frets that far apart, it seems impossible, really it does.


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