So i got some tickets to NAMM, thanks to the friends neighbor i swirled the guitar for. I actually am thinking of doing that as a little hobby/job kinda thing, i think i have it down pretty well.

Anyways, i went Friday and Saturday and saw a ton of artists and celebrities. A few pics of each will be posted below. I also have some video clips of Paul's 20th anniversary reissue of his first guitar. Ibanez also told us that we can vote to choose which of Paul's next guitars will be reissued. See if you can tell who is who.


Taylor came out with a new guitar, the T3. They were told by so many who bought the T5 that they wanted something more like an electric guitar, so they produced this hollow-body with so many different features. 3-way switch, push pull pots to split either one or two of the coils (if i remember right). You'll have to check their site for more specs, but the guitar sounded sweet through the Egnater as i drooled on the floor.


My friend, John, told me that i should check out the new amps that PRS is putting out. So i decided to venture over there and check it out. When i got there, there was a gentleman explaining to me why they are not demoing the amps. He was kinda BS'ing me i think. Either it had no guts and was for show, or it was too expensive for me to play. No pics sorry, my dog ate my camera.

I passed by this ovation guitar booth and i saw this oddly colored guitar and the gentleman demoing it caught my attention. He explained that the guitar had an on-board mp3 player, allowing you to load songs onto your guitar and playing them back, even at a cut time without changing the pitch of the sound. The thing that really caught my attention was the fact that it can record. No more of this, thinking of a riff playing it at a friends house and hoping that you get home and write it down before you forget. You can simply turn the guitar on, and hit record to record the guitar as well as vocals to go along with. You can then upload that mp3 onto your computer and edit it as you so desire. The guitar is truely amazing. Killer sound and great feel, for around $500 you cant go wrong as a serious acoustic player.


I saw this terrific idea at the NAMM show. This guy makes frets that have a dovetail join underneath which he says improves the sustain 35% on the guitars he installed them for. I think it was a terrific idea. You can find these "Jet Frets" on his site. They are approximately $489 for 22, cheaper if you buy them in bulk, and come in all different radii.


A friend of mine recently got endorsed by a company called Babicz guitars. They specialize in acoustic guitars, but recently came out with an electric hybrid type thing, similar to the new Taylor T3. I must say, that Spider is one of the best guitars i have ever played. It is an acoutic guitar and is all black, with mahogany sides, top, back and neck. Absolutely love it better than my carvin cobalt. More sustain, brighter louder sound and super easy to play. The neck is also adjustable with an hex wrench, meaning the action can be set within seconds for slide playing, or normal. Babicz gutiars is also in the final process of getting their new bridge system for strat and fender bass-like bridges underway. The new design features more contact from the string to the surface area of the bridge, creating more sustain, a lot more sustain from a regular fender strat or bass bridge.


Orange and Mesa stuff


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I was expecting Mesa and Orange pics

O YEA! lemmie load em...sorry i took so many pics and vids its hard to keep it straight.
Where's the Orange?!?!?!?!?!? I was expecting wonderful Orange-ness I was displeased. Ah well. Still great stuff.

EDIT: Much better.

Got any more???

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Ok should be a clip of orange. Thats all i could see as far as orange goes, didnt see anything new other than one of the ladies....that i didnt get a name for.
lol wow we are super mean we havent even thanked him or anything (thanks)!
I use a line 6 what of it?
Thats awsome that Paul Gilbert played get out of my yard
I leik music
Thats the best stuff there. Andy Timmons opened for Paul and did a great job.

They separated the crowd, and i got stuck in the back. After 1 song Andy said "does anyone know who i am?" and i yelled "I DO!!!!" he looked at me and yelled "woo hoo one guy!".......And that was after i got a pic with him....so that's a good day.
Quote by dogismycopilot
Thats the best stuff there. Andy Timmons opened for Paul and did a great job.

They separated the crowd, and i got stuck in the back. After 1 song Andy said "does anyone know who i am?" and i yelled "I DO!!!!" he looked at me and yelled "woo hoo one guy!".......And that was after i got a pic with him....so that's a good day.

that's awesome!

Real nice dude.

"I don't know who those guys are but I don't like em"

Real pro.
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