This is a kind of experimental thing going on here. You might be able to see it on the Detrave Hangout (someone might've taken it down) www.hangout.detrave.net

I wrote the capitalized parts. Everyone wrote everything else.

Calling away the sun
Around every river
We laugh
We sleep
Mind dawning
I may float down
By some sad beach
Wandering on those clouds
I can't whisper
each sound
fully beautiful
In our prison...

It might've been changed (people tend to steal your words and move them around), so visiting that link might be useless. I do like how it turned out when it lasted.
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I think it needs to be longer but its a good start, and if I was you I wouldnt make a difference between who wrote what parts, especially by capitalizing parts because the way I read it those parts were shouted/screamed while the rest was spoken if you dont mind criting mine the links in the sig